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  • Nitric oxide and Running Performance

    Hello all,

    As many of you know I am a long distance runner, and could have been looking into buying yet another for my weightlifting without stimulants. I was wondering how long NO In your system? I take morning and evening runs. In addition 10-14 hours. I was thinking, it has been used to lower blood pressure when a person prescribed for high blood pressure, it could put at risk when I left I? Before I take it on the run I just do not plan to take. Maybe I'm going to buy it, I was looking only at doses without aggravating.

    Axis Labs product I was looking catapult. By Dymatize during your workout if I own a surcharge if it will recoup take bcaa was thinking.


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    If we accept that boosting Nitric oxide production in the body is a good thing, the obvious question is whether there are any nutritional strategies that can increase Nitric oxide generation in the body.


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      If you take the nitric oxide at the time and frankly, it works, then keep taking it! If it works as a motivator for you to work harder, no doubt contribute to the money spent. However, there is substantial evidence that it actually works, and I do all the extras that really until scientifically proven ....


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        In conclusion, if you are taking nitric oxide currently and honestly believe that it does work, then keep taking it! If it serves as a motivator for you to work out harder, then it would probably be worth the money spent.


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          Well,Nitric oxide is a chemical compound with chemical formula oxide.This nitric gas is a very important intermediate in the chemical oxide industry.Nitric is the one of the hottest ergogenic aids on the market today and it seems as if every company manufacturing supplement is to climb board.Nitric oxide is a messenger molecule involved in many important physiological and pathological processes in the mammalian body.