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  • Posing Suits

    I'm curious about what guys can wear on stage - suits seem to be getting smaller and smaller (I have no problem with that - my own is pretty tiny!). What's the absolute least amount of fabric I can get away with? Anyone wearing posing straps?


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    I would think posing straps would be too small. Trunks should do it. Now the trunks are hiked so far up, the guys may as well be wearing female thongs.

    CLICK HERE for pictures from the 2004 Mr. Olympia Contest.

    CLICK HERE for more picture galleries.

    Have a look at those and you should be able to get an idea of what most competing bodybuilders wear.


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      Posing Straps and Thongs

      I actually think posing straps are a great idea! The women already wear so little, I see no reason the men can't follow suit (pardon the pun). A posing strap covers what's necessary, and reveals the rest - which is what these guys are up there for anyway. No need to hike up fabric that isn't there, and the glute shots are great! I wear a posing strap when I'm working out, and they are really comfortable - I think I'd like to compete in one, too.



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        Posing suits

        You know, I've often wondered why men don't wear less. Anyone have any ideas on this? In this sport, less really is more. All that's needed is the pouch covering, but guys still use those strange, triangle-shaped bikinis. Is there a point to this? You mentioned the women wearing thongs. This approach seems much more sensible for the men as well - a pouch and a strap. Are there guys who wear pouches or straps, or is this just a female thing - and if it is strictly for the women, why?




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          Don't get me wrong, I have no objections to the women wearing less, but I think the men best stay covered up.


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            "I have no objections to the women wearing less, but I thikn the men best stay covered up."

            What? That's really a double standard! What's good for the women should be equally good for the men, and vice versa. Besides, why would a bodybuilder want to stay covered up? Seems to defeat the whole purpose.



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              What to wear

              Hey. I'm new here. Just found this board. It's a great board!

              I have to admit, I'm with Trevor on this discussion about what to wear. I'm 24, and I've been body building since I was 17. I have no hope of becoming a professional, cause I don't have a sponsor, and I have to earn a living. But I have competed in several amateur competitions. My girlfriend gave me something she calls a gstring. It is SMALL. Basically just a tight little free-hanging bag that holds everything together like a anatomically correct sock. I wear that whenever I'm on stage, and it is just GREAT. Keeps me decent, but stops there!

              I don't see any reason for guys to cover up any more than they have to. The girls look great in thongs. Why shouldn't guys have the same opportunity? By the way, I work out nude, weigh in nude, and pump in the pump room nude. I don't want to cover up any more of my hard work than I have to.

              Well, thanks for listening. Great board!

              Joey Centauri


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                Thanks for joining the boards. I hope you stick around and post often. It's always nice to see new members and see the board grow.

                Hope to see you again on here soon.


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                  More on Posing Suits

                  I think a few of these guys in this thread raise some interesting questions that no one has addressed. Why is there a double standard when it comes to what the women wear, as opposed to what the men wear? Women are encouraged to be daring, sexy, revealing and almost dangerous. Men are encouraged to conform and be anonymous. Why is that? Here in Canada, it seems guys are much more comfortable with what they've got - both above and below the tanline. We're on equal footing with the women on stage and at the beach. But in the U.S., there's a lot more inhibition. Can any of you guys tell me why? In the big picture of bodybuilding, don't posting straps actually MAKE SENSE?



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                    Posing Strap

                    Joey, I read on another board that you have some pictures of yourself competing in an amateur competition wearing a posing strap that makes you look nude. I am a 28 year old amateur (I have just started competing) and I haven't won anything. I would like to see your pictures and hear from you what kind of response you get from the judges. I want to do something that gets me noticed. By the way, have you had any feedback about going nude in the pumproom? If you don't want to post the photos, please email me at Thanks.


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                      For Joey Centauri

                      hey man, I'm an amateur bodybuilder of Argentina, here we could wear thongs.

                      I'd wish to see you in a contest wearing that posing suits that makes you look nude, my email adress is


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                        It is my understanding that not even thongs are accepted by the judges at men's bodybuilding contests, much less (pun intended) g-strings. As you are competing as an amateur, in, I assume, amateur level contests, I will allow that there may be more exposure allowed then there is in professional contests. Where do you compete?

                        You must cause a bit of a stir in the pump rooms as you pump up wearing just your skin. Obviously, you are a true and honest exhibitionist. No phony game playing with you, right? I guess that is one way to psyche out the competition or turn them on. Ha, ha.

                        Don't get me wrong. I am not criticizing you in anyway. The fact is in bodybuilding one is supposed to display their physical attributes and achievements, that is the whole point. Personally, I think it would be fine if contestants were completely naked when on stage. Given time, this may in fact be the case.

                        Since your post has caused a fair response, it seems like you should also post pictures of yourself just to show everyone that wearing just a g-string is really no big deal.



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                          for joey centauri

                          Hi Joey,
                          Great post man. Here in Europe we have guest posers now and then in contests posing in thongs. Have seen it in Holland and Germany. The audience is always very appreciative, the bodybuilders get lots of acclaim.
                          In France many of the high ranking competition bodybuilders are video taped working out and training, and posing of course. The end of the presentation is often a nude posing routine. THierry Tache and Philippe Fousard, real top bodybuilders in France did it.This is widely accepted in France. On the forums it is openly discussed and there is no problem at all for the bodybuilders, male or female. I am with Prime when it comes to posing naked, personally I think it would be fine if bodybuilders would be allowed to pose naked on stage.
                          That is something for the future of course but I will not be surprised if it starts some time in Europe or in South America,
                          And now of course send us a pic af your dare devil posing!


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                            Posing suits

                            I am in agreement, why shouldn't male bodybuilders be allowed to pose in at least thong/g-string, we, the competitors should just wear what we feel comfortable with, those that prefer to wear a full posing suit should wear it & those that want to wear a thong/g-string should, what are the officials & judges going to do, ban all of us??? Remember without the competitors there is no competition. Glutes are muscles as well.


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                              The more we can see, the better. Only homophobia and uptight views about sexuality make it less acceptable for men to wear thongs than women. And Joey Centauri, please continue to impress us with those revealing posing suits. You are hot, dude.